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Our mission


Travel Italia Inc.’s mission is to offer high-quality, personalized travel at every stage in life. Our team lends to our rich and profound knowledge of this country and allows Travel Italia Inc. to offer highly personalized experiences as unique as you. We facilitate both individual and group travel throughout Italy. Our packages stem from our favorite aspects of Italian life: culinary history, wine, soccer, adult education, and cultural festivities. Travel Italia Inc. also plans and organizes destination weddings and honeymoons in Italy for international clients. Travel Italia Inc. organizes from the US weddings and tailor made travel experiences in Italy and whole Europe. Let these ideas be a starting point to design your own personalized Italian getaway.


About us


We would like to introduce our team:


Samuele Gallorini, Founder and President, has worked as a prominent Italian wedding planner for international couples since 2007, and brings his expertise to Travel Italia Inc. Samuele’s work has been noted in such respected U.S. magazines as Style Me Pretty and You and Your Wedding.


Eleonora Giorgi, Vice President and secretary, graduated from the University of Florence and is at the heart of organizing each trip. She comes from two generations in the travel business and has a degree in Tourism. Thanks to her experience and specialization in the tourism sector, Eleonora finds the diversity and originality in the cities you thought you knew. Eleonora will orchestrate the details of your trip with passion and expertise, and her knowledge contributes to making Travel Italia Inc. unique in the world.




Our passion at Travel Italia Inc. is to give you the experience of a lifetime in Italy, a country that offers an infinite depth and wealth of culture, history and culinary arts. We understand with the vastness of this rich country, one trip will never be enough. This is why we stand by our mission: Travel Italia Inc., travel for a lifetime.


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